Sewerage is very much an important part of the developed world but for most it is simply a case of out of sight, out of mind.  Generally, for most people this is the common scenario until something goes wrong.  AWB Electrical & Maintenance Services can assist with all your sewerage maintenance and repair needs.  Having years of experience in municipal wastewater treatment means that we understand the processes involved in sewerage from your home through to the treated final product.  We also have close affinities with other trades including plumbers and can organize all aspects of sewerage from start to finish.


AWB Electrical & Maintenance Services specializes in the on-going service and maintenance of domestic wastewater treatment systems.  We do this by having experienced, trained and certified service technicians.  We can service your system be it a;

  • Taylex,
  • Bio-Cycle,
  • Bio-Treat,
  • Fuji,
  • Aqua Nova, or
  • any other system


We also have to capabilities to successfully repair, maintain, upgrade, or install any commercial sewerage pump pit. Caravan parks are our specialty.

Our pit servicing is so comprehensive that most customers have virtually zero breakdowns and any maintenance issues requiring attention are easily planned and budgeted in advance.  Our sewerage pit servicing includes;

  • Removal, inspection and testing of pumps (visual, electrical, blockages, wear)
  • Testing of float switches and probes
  • Electrical current testing and checking of contactor overloads,
  • Inspection of Pit health (structure, guide rails, sludge buildup)
  • Comprehensive Pit report.

Have both electrical and mechanical trades within the one company enables us to offer the most effective sewerage maintenance and repair solution in Townsville.

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